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Petar Miloshevski

groundbreaker. trailblazer. theatremaker.

Petar Miloshevski is an Atlanta-based actor and theatre-maker, recently arrived from London, UK. He has been on stage since the tender age of eight. His work in recent years has focused primarily on pioneering solo-projects, featured in a range of chamber theatres, festivals, non-conventional venues as well as projects devised for site-specific events across London, the UK and in Europe and his shows have been presented by a range of international theatre festivals and venues, including in London, Paris, Berlin, Hannover, Kyiv, Sofia, Skopje, Yerevan. He devises his own scripts, sound, lighting, and sets, and his performances have been remarked for their cutting- edge combination of speech, physical theatre and visuals.


Many who have observed his work have commented on how it brings together the best of both worlds: the discipline and mastery of dramatic structure emanating from continental European theatre schools, with the irreverent approach to the creative process which has become a trademark of British theatre making.


Petar received his formal training in Acting at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia, which he completed with an MA in Advance Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. His work has attracted outstanding critical praise and international festival awards for boldly putting theater conventions to the test.

Photo: Benjamin Ealovega

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Andie Knudson

dancer. choreographer. mender.

Andie Knudson is a dance artist, choreographer, videographer, dance educator, and arts administrator currently based in Atlanta, GA. Andie’s dance career has been marked by a diverse range of experiences, such as performing the iconic works of Bill T. Jones and José Limon and growing under the mentorship of esteemed improvisation artists such as Nancy Stark Smith. Her dedication to the art form has taken her to various corners of the world, including a summer in France working with Oriantheatre’s Paris Summer Academy and her time with @staibdance in Sorrento, Italy. In addition to her performance and training endeavors, Andie has crafted compelling works for productions like @flyona_wall 2023 production of "Excuse The Art," the Fall for Fall Dance Festival, AM Collab, and Rise City Dance. In 2023, Andie embarked on a new chapter in her career, taking on the role of Assistant Director and Company Member with @excavatebody - a role that allows her to stretch her artistic depth and contribute to the development of the company's vision.

Apart from her dance studies and performance career, Andie has worked for 10+ years as a Dance Educator and is passionate about empowering her students' creative agency through dance curriculum. As a videographer, Andie spent the summer of 2019 working at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival as a Video Documentation Intern and has filmed for The Atlanta Opera, staibance, Dance Canvas, Fly On A Wall, and others.


Photo: Dustin Chambers

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Royal Tee

dancer. performer. rainmaker.

Royal Tee (she/they) is a multifaceted creatrix, inviting all humans to dive deep into their inner worlds to lift the veil on their dreams and desires. Performing professionally for the past 12 years in theatre, music, and burlesque, Royal understands the key roles of the artist, both collaboratively and individually. As a facilitator & space holder, Royal utilizes the tools of meditation, reiki, embodiment, burlesque and ecstatic movement to build a foundation of self-regulation and pleasure through radical self-expression, nourishing the bridge of inner connection and collective healing.

Royal holds a BFA in Musical Theatre, is a certified Reiki Practitioner, a Fire Dancer, and is Trauma Informed. Royal Tee is devoted to continuing to grow alongside this work, offering deep gratitude to those who have paved the way for, those who are the living embodiment of, and those who have yet to discover themselves through radical self-expression.

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teacher. performer. guide.

Kimberly Hamilton completed her 200hr yoga teacher training certification at Peachtree Yoga where she learned the history of pranayama, practical & subtle anatomy, and yoga philosophy. She received her nutrition specialist certification through ACE Education. She completed her Tai Chi/Qi Gong teacher certification through the The Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. She uses these tools, along with my BFA in Theatre and Performance Studies to create thoughtful yoga sequences and calming breath work practices to a variety of different students.

Since 2017 she’s been teaching yoga and meditation for corporations such as Kaiser Permanente, Excellence in Exercise, and a number of different studios in the Atlanta area. It elates Kim to help performing artists warm up before a show or unwind afterward. It brings her great joy when students express how much her teachings have enhanced their art, their work, and their daily lives.

Kim has devoted her energy to these credentials because of her lifelong passion for helping people live their healthiest lives. In each class she teaches, she seeks to evoke a positive, peaceful feeling that motivates people to take charge of their health and become the very best version of themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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writer. artist. leader.

Memoirtistry is how I process my inner experience of the world around me; with words and paint, through memoir and artistry. It is how I make sense of my existence. 


I create intuitively, allowing flow to carry me from keystroke to brushstroke, uninhibited by interruption or interrogation. There is rhyme and reason to my process though it is often veiled in mystery—in metaphors and abstraction—until I am ready to receive the lesson. When I am open, the communication is clear and unavoidable; I am moved to invite awareness, despite the pain and fear. 


This is my contribution and I share freely.


When you engage my work, you may see my insides revealed—raw, messy, and cleverly disguised—and it is just as likely you will see your own. 


I am a mirror; you need only look into the eyes.





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artist. creator. healer.

Lucy is a recovering theater person. Lucy has performed and toured with the SITI Company, the TEAM, Anonymous Ensemble, and performed with companies in New York City, Portland Oregon and Atlanta Georgia. She holds a BA in Drama/Dance and Film (double major) from Bard College and a MFA from Columbia University in Acting. Her first play and one person show was produced by Synchronicity theater, dramaturged by Amber Bradshaw (she/they) and directed by Rachel may (she/her) Lucy is a working title playwrights member, a massage therapist, a childrens yoga teacher, a qoya dance teacher and a weird comic book maker. Lucy was in the 2022 ETA artist in residence program with Fly on a Wall and are very much in love with all of them. They are a mother to a magical 7 year old who is their greatest inspiration for life, art and everything that means anything.

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counselor. coach. motivator.

I am a VOICE.  I was born to be a voice to impact many lives utilizing various gifts, talents, skills, and abilities. I am a culmination of all my life’s experiences both good and bad AND yet, I am still evolving.  I am a testament that uncertainties, disappointments/rejection, successes, failures, and calculated risks can all push you towards the true essence of self-love and personal acceptance.  Determination, perseverance, hard work and resilience are key factors to such growth, and I am destined to share what I have with YOU.  I have learned to enjoy both the journey AND the destination. 


After a combined sixteen years of extensive background in business, customer service, and performing arts, I have decided to utilize my unique skillset and creative ability to transition into the world of psychology, mental health counseling, and behavioral science.  I was born to bridge the gap between creativity and progressive thought in personal wellness to include mental health counseling, coaching, public speaking, training and consulting.


I hold a master’s in clinical mental health counseling from Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP) and is also pursuant of a doctorate degree.  Additionally, I am an adjunct professor in a Bachelor of Psychology online program and certified professional life coach.  Directly outside of ATL, I work with primarily adults providing tele mental services. I coach adults through transition and loss of any kind (death, separation, divorce, or career change, etc.…)  Finally, I am public speaker and content creator (A Weekly Dose of Lady J) using the online platform as an opportunity to offer my voice to empower those in the world around us.  Partner with me as a VOICE to help YOU navigate the murky and difficult places of your life.

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Jill Manty

entrepreneur. educator. leader.

Jill Manty has a degree in theater, where she focused on directing and stage management, skills she uses as the owner of a web development company in Houston, Texas. 


Jill has strengths in the areas of relationships and ideas. She has spent much of the last decade exploring compassion, spirituality, and kindness. She has a Ph.D. in the uniqueness of all individuals from her six children, who have given her a glimpse into the purpose that we’re all born with. Jill has been married to her husband, George, for 25 years.

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Frankie Mulinix

performer. teacher. creator.  

Frankie is a performer, emcee, producer, dramaturge, choreographer, director, voice teacher, performance educator, mental health worker, and intimacy choreographer and coordinator. Through Vibrance: Centre for Voice and Movement, Frankie supports creatives seeking to work with their physiology to build skills, develop their practice, reclaim their autonomy, and learn how presence, pleasure, and play aid in auto-organization to overcome freeze/survival states, trauma, and other barriers to artistic expression.

Their theatre company, Burning Bones Physical Theatre, is dedicated to collaborating with fellow creatives to engage with the local community and expand the possibilities of live performance in daring and imaginative ways.

Frankie holds a BFA in Physical Theatre Performance through Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, with a focus on writing, dramaturgy, directing, and multidisciplinary performance, and a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from the University of Queensland, specialising in LGBTIQ+ occupational justice, mental health, chronic pain, and neurology. Frankie is a certified teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and a certified Organic Intelligence® coach. They hold an Associate Performer Diploma (ATCL) with Trinity College, London, UK, and is a certified Speech Arts Teacher with Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM), Toronto, Canada. They are trained in Reiki (level 3), Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (Basic, Advanced, and ACT for Performance), Knight Thompson Speechwork, TIE’s Intimacy Choreography practices, and specialize in working with trans and nonbinary clients. They are a member of the Voice and Speech Trainer's Association (VASTA), a 2021 Hambidge Cross-Pollination Art Lab Fellow, and a Reiser Art Lab recipient (2022-2023).

Frankie co-designed a performance and modified acrobatics pilot program for children with cerebral palsy through the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland. They formed United We Dance to create dances throughout Brisbane CBD to bring the community together in support of marriage equality. UWD was then invited to perform at Brisbane’s mental health day. Their work resulted in the Queensland branch of Occupational Therapy Australia issuing a public statement of unequivocal support for LGBTIQ+ folks, recognizing the health impacts of occupational injustices that uniquely impact the community. Frankie has emceed and programmed several events such as Alchemy, a Brisbane Square Library’s immensely successful monthly showcase of spoken word poetry, dance, circus, burlesque, and music; Bang on a Boa, the annual fundraiser for the acquired brain injury organisation Synapse; Lost Movements, a bi-monthly “happening” of street art, music, burlesque, body art, and dance; and celebration of The Female Form, an annual art showcase co-organised with the painter Vanessa Swift. Frankie co-created the steering committee for and served as the first president of BLP, bringing art, entertainment, education, and community events centred around alternative lifestyles in Queensland.

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Liz Ross

educator. collaborator. ally.

Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’ revealing their fearless nature to analyze, evaluate and seek the direction to improve their work. 


Liz has been an educator for 26 years and an advocate of the arts for a lifetime. She graduated summa cum laude from Mercer University with a M.A.T in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English. She has taught AP English Literature and Writing, World Literature, British Literature, and American Literature. Liz was English Department Chair and a member of the Curriculum Board and was responsible for dynamic initiatives including a Critical Thinking Initiative, a Curriculum Mapping Initiative and Faculty Band and Promotion (Teacher Evaluations). She spearheaded both horizontal and vertical teaming initiatives and promoted best practice and research-driven pedagogy within the department. She has presented at the NCTE Annual Convention, created, designed and implemented new classes and new units, defined goals and objectives for the English instructional program, and chaired the department accreditation process.  


She is a founding member and Director of Education of Vanguard Repertory Company and a founding member of Windmill Arts.  


She feels it is possible for students to reach their fullest potential but only when students are given an environment that is protected, supports risk-taking, cultivates curiosity and invites the student to share ideas.  This environment can be created when the teacher respects the student, becomes a guide, and allows the student’s innate inquisitiveness to direct learning. She hopes to inspire her students to be life-long learners and seekers of truth who take their studies to an advanced level and reflect on their perspective of life as they read, write and think.   

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