FADlab Mission

Fictionalized Auto Drama Laboratory exists to help performing artists hone their own creative processes in order to actualize the possibilities of sharing their own brave stories. 

FADlab Vision

We believe in a world where shame cannot thrive in the light of bravery and truth.

What is Fictionalized Auto Drama?

Taken from the literary genre of auto fiction and medium of the dramatic arts, fictionalized auto drama is simply a personal story told by a performance artist that has fictional elements in order to heighten the author’s intent.

What is FADlab?

FADlab, currently in association with Windmill Arts, is a creative process experiment that exists to help performing artists develop and hone their own written and somatic processes while creating brave new work. We believe that brave and personal creative processes thrive best with a trustworthy map—developed by the artist themselves.


In order to fully realize, shape, and share the possibilities of telling our own brave stories, we are choosing to fictionalize our personal encounters through an absurd or surreal performance convention, ideally written from a shameless perspective and told through the body as our focal instrument. Practicing and evolving new work, especially while creating a brave and truthful story, doesn’t always have the luxury of the time, space, and room desired for experimentation, failure, and the elimination of toxic shame along the way. 


The subconscious is a wild frontier, yet essential to explore when sharing a personal truth. What if an artist could build themselves protective devices to weather the journey? We think we can, and with the generosity of Windmill Arts, we are going to share our outcomes.


FADlab at Windmill Arts seeks not only to help performing artists develop personal artistic processes, but also hone the development of the FADlab process itself. Along with Windmill Arts and the commitment of three performing artists, this current FADlab experiment will last for two years. From idea to production, from practicum to program development, FADlab will record and document its findings with the purpose of helping others more easily shape their own brave stories. 

Why tell "brave" stories?

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